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Door Repair & Replacement
Door Repair & Replacement

You need external door repair in Melbourne that understands the root cause of rot – you need Dr Rot! We won’t just put a lick of paint on, we’ll perform a repair job that’ll leave your door better than ever.

Door Restoration Melbourne

Visually-beautiful, sturdy, and distinct, no construction material has the same atmosphere and character as an expertly cut and presented section of timber. Over its life timber, especially if outdoors, can flake, warp, and splinter depending on the environment, leading to the exterior of your property taking on an aged and run-down appearance.

To improve the condition and quality of your home the team at Dr Rot can complete detailed, reliable, and competitively-priced door restoration throughout Melbourne’s expansive metropolitan area. Whether you have a solid wood or timber and glass combination door you can trust our personalised and professional services to improve the durability, function, and form of your door.

External Wood Door Repair & Replacement Contractors Melbourne

For over 10 years the passionate and fully-qualified team at Dr Rot have transformed and improved the appearance and condition of homes and businesses throughout Melbourne. Proudly offering long-lasting and high-quality door repair and replacement solutions perfect for Melbourne domestic and commercial properties.

What makes Dr Rot a cut above the rest? We’re the most painstaking door repairs contractors Melbourne has on offer. The Doctor often sees incomplete repair door repair jobs, not least because the source of rot or decay has not been properly treated. This could be owing to bad water drainage or something similar. That’s why you need a door repairs contractor in Melbourne with experience and integrity. Dr Rot have over ten-years’ experience in the team, so we know how to perform a wood door repair for Melbourne that will keep your door lasting longer. Why apply band aid solutions, when you can find the source of what ails – after our wood door repair Melbourne customers will have total peace of mind.

When it comes to external door repair Melbourne customers should be aware that band aid solutions are often pointless. Unfortunately, Melbourne has the perfect conditions to produce rot. Often doors are not built with the conditions in mind – especially older doors.

Doors can be repaired in a similar way to sash repair

The side rails (like sashes) have timber grain that runs along the timber like a bunch of straws that will suck up water at the ends. If the water can catch at the bottom of the doors then this end-grain will draw the water up into the timber and start the rot process.

Appropriate drainage gaps and sealing off end-grain is critical to the longevity of windows and doors, that’s why you should Call the Doctors!


Using treated and reliable materials to complete our door repairs and replacements our products offer increased resistance from exposure to the elements. To find out more about our replacement and repair services call us on 0414 166 661.

We specialise in window renovations that remove the cause of the problems!