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Double Glazing

Double Glazed Windows

Our customers are commonly informed by our competitors that their timber windows need replacing to secure double glazing.

This is not the case!

You can get the benefit of double glazed windows – better insulation for temperature and sound, for example – without the expense of changing your timber.

What is double glazing?

With a double-glazed window, you have two panes of glass with a sealed void between them. This void is sealed, vacuumed and then filled with the inert gas, argon. Argon is harmless and inactive, so that temperature changes outside are not transmitted inside as easily. This helps maintain the thermal performance of your home, so that fluctuations of heat and cold will not affect the internal temperature of your home. It also reduces noise by up to 40%. Increased light reflection also gives you more privacy.

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Double Glazing
Double Glazing

Dr Rot will retrofit glass to maintain the look and feel of your home.

Importantly, this will also reduce condensation. Condensation is the ultimatum cause of timber rot, so double glazing is a way to rot-proof your home – this is what the Doctor knows best! We’re the specialists in retrofitting double-glazed windows.

You may have been told that you need to replace your timber windows to get double glazing.

Not so!

You don’t need to change your timber windows to get double glazing.

Even with many types of multi-pane windows or leadlight windows.

We can retro fit by replacing the glass with double glaze units that will maintain the style, quality and integrity of your home.

What are Double Glaze Units?

Double glaze units consist of 2 layers of glass with a fully seal space between that is vacuumed then filled with argon gas.

Benefits of double glazing include:

  • Noise reductions of 40%
  • Thermal insulation of both heat and cold
  • Increased light reflection enhances visual privacy and also heat reflection.
  • Condensation can be halted with double glazing: (Condensation increases heat conductivity through the glass, then streaks down the glass to be absorbed into the timber to create mould and rot.)

Kill two birds with one stone; change to double glaze and fix the cause of timber window rot.

Many of our clients have now converted all the windows in their home to DGU’s resulting in greater energy efficiency and improved sound reduction.

Here’s what one of our clients wrote:

“Dr. Rot recently replaced all of our door and window glass with double glazing and also repaired all of our rotten timber frames. We are now loving living condensation free and enjoying the residual heat that is retained in the house overnight when we wake on these cold winter mornings. We really wanted a sustainable alternative to replacing all the frames and they were able to retro fit all the double glazing to our existing frames while carrying our the necessary repairs to the damaged frames.”

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With experience and innovation, Dr Rot are specialists in retro fitting DGU’s to existing windows.

We specialise in window renovations that remove the cause of the problems!