Window Doctor


Why is that part rotting?

Water absorbsion often starts with timber end-grain!.

Timber can be described as a bunch of straws, the ends of the straws are the end grain and as you could imagine those straws can suck up a lot of water.

If fitted incorrectly, important parts of the windows can rub and breakdown protective paint leaving the end-grain to draw up water and hold it in the timber where rot spores can grow.

By knowing the areas where water catches the “windowdoctors” can introduce countermeasures that can save the life of your windows and give them longevity.

Can you stop my windows from leaking?

The path of water can be very mysterious! Dr Rot have been able to meet the challenge where many have failed.

We will instinctively know where to look for the common inbuilt problems associated with various types of windows, problems that some manufacturers still include in new windows sold today. Understanding the fine detail of windows and glass and the natural properties of water, gives the “windowdoctors” the best chance of stopping water ingress or creating greater deflection where it is needed.

Do I have to replace my windows to get double glazing?

No you don’t have to replace! Dr Rot has been leading the way with retrofit Double Glazing.

We have developed methods and techniques to meet the most challenging configurations of possible double glaze conversions. We remove the existing glass and replace with specially prepared DGU panels and leave the window looking sharp and new. Even sashes are not a problem for us to modify to accept the new DGU panels.

Do I have to replace my rotting windows?

No you don’t have to replace! Dr Rot can repair & renovate severely rotten or damaged windows and eliminate the initial cause of the rot.

Even a hundred years of poor paintwork can be stripped back to a fresh start. We can evaluate the good and bad aspects of your windows. You may only need to pay for a small section to be renovated, or we can compare the collective costs of multiple problems and give you alternative options including full replacement.

I didn’t know that it was that bad!

Most of the time timber Rot spores are active completely out of site.

If windows are infrequently used, water that has leaked or caught under a sash will be getting drawn up into the timber end grain and growing Rot spores like a cancer for timber.

Melbourne can be perfect for allowing water to sit longer and break through protections such as poor paintwork. In the colder months windows may not get opened at all and most people don’t spend time inspecting the windows, especially when they don’t know what to look for.

Even new or recent paintwork can increase the problem if beading or putty is even slightly separated from the glass with the paint literally holding it in.

Paintwork can be deceptive and so can fillers commonly used by painters for exterior surfaces, allowing the problem to develop over a long period before being noticed, often only when a layer of paint is all that is left!

Rest Assured, if you Call the Doctors!

We specialise in window renovations that remove the cause of the problems!