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Absolutely amazing work, very very happy. After being told that all of our windows needed to be completely replaced it was great to have them repaired as good as (or better than) new.

The quality of workmanship was much higher than expected and it’s always entertaining having Isaac around during the day.

I will definitely be referring you to others in the area

Dr. Rot recently replaced all of our door and window glass with double glazing and also repaired all of our rotten timber frames. We are now loving living condensation free and enjoying the residual heat that is retained in the house overnight when we wake on these cold winter mornings. We really wanted a sustainable alternative to replacing all the frames and they were able to retro fit all the double glazing to our existing frames while carrying our the necessary repairs to the damaged frames.

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Sash Window Repair & Replacement Brighton

Committed to delivering the highest level of exceptional service the talented and reputable team at Dr Rot have the skills and ability to improve the condition and functionality of windows, frames, and doors throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan region. For sash window repair Brighton customers needn’t call on anyone else. Our sash window repair for Brighton’s customers will have their windows looking and working better than new. Some sash window will be irreparable, requiring a window sash replacement in Brighton windows. Here, we can also deliver. For over 10 years we have conducted dedicated and personalised sash window replacement in Brighton at an affordable price.

Glass Replacement Brighton

For window repair Brighton customers should call up the doctor. We’ll be there in a jiff to cure your ills. At Dr Rot we know it’s important to keep your windows in good nick. Facing constant exposure to damaging environmental conditions timber frames often need window repair in Brighton. Don’t delay contracting window glass repair in Brighton. If not addressed in a timely manner glass replacement for Brighton’s windows can become necessary. If you do need a glass replacement in Brighton, however, we have affordable, guaranteed services. With our extensive history working on windows and frames we can save you time and money with our window glass replacement in Brighton.

Double Glaze Conversions Brighton

Able to improve insulation, reduce outside noise, and cut down on condensation levels, double glazed windows have a number of unique benefits that make them a sound investment for Melbourne home and business owners. Thanks to our extensive range of experience and knowledge our team can complete durable, reliable, and competitively-priced double glaze conversions in and around Brighton. To learn more about how double-glazed windows can improve the quality of your home life make an appointment to speak to our team on 0414 166 661.

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    Specialists in DGU “Double Glass Unit” Conversions

    Convert your existing windows to double glass for added insulation, value and energy savings.

    50% discount for Insulating draft seals when combined with "Double Glass Unit" conversions.

    Note! We specialise in window renovations that remove the cause of the problems!

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